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Serology Tests

Our serology tests are created by using the principle of antibody-antigen reaction (i.e., each antibody is specific to each antigen like a lock-and-key situation).



On our reagent, there is the antibody to the disease attached and in the presence of that disease, the two will be attached. These complexes will start clumping together to form much bigger size aggregates and can be seen by human eye. 

The test is performed on a slide (test card). One drop of serum and one drop of reagent will be delivered to the same test circle. The two drops will be mixed by a stirrer. The slide is hand-rotated for 2 minutes. Then if the user can see formation of aggregates, it is positive and the patient serum sample contains CRP. If the result is a smooth suspension = negative. (Latex reagent is a milky smooth suspension of the latex particles)

Serology Test Kit components


  • Latex reagent

  • Positive control 

  • Negative control ​

  • Disposable stirrers

  • Package Insert

  • Buffer (for CRP and RF)


Controls utilize color-coding caps for different reagents for ease of identification. Red caps for positive and green caps for negative. 

Kits can be customized for volumes and components. 


  • RF white cap

  • RPR black cap

  • CRP  blue cap

  • ASO orange cap


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