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Bactobank allows medical labs to store colonies of bacteria, yeasts, and molds for years. You can now create your own stock of as many types of organisms as you wish. There will no longer be the frustration of purchasing unneeded quantities or waiting for orders to ship.


Quality control checks on instruments and products can be conducted on KNOWN strains of organisms stored using Bactobank.




  • Stackable boxes

  • Box with position indicated for better arrangement

  • Plastic box good for freezing (competitor with paper box usually gets damaged)

  • Multi color and single color available

  • Various kit sizes (25, 50, 100 vials)

  • Long shelf life

  • Color coded beads matched with color coded caps

  • Leak proof cap and vial




Maintains viability for a wide variety of Micro-organisms



Grow the first organism on prepared media plate, and after 24 hours, remove the colonies of bacteria that appear on the plate with a loop. Transfer the loop containing the bacteria into the cryovial of Bactobank. Mix and let it stand for 10 SECONDS. Remove most of the broth and store the bacteria inside the cryovial at -20C. The bacteria can survive for years.


When the bacteria is needed, remove one bead from the cryovial and transfer onto the plate media.

SDS   |   Package Insert

Kit Contents​


  • 25, 50, or 100 vial kits available

  • Each Vial contains 25 beads with broth and cryo-preservative

  • 5 colors of beads (red, orange, green, yellow and blue)

  • 5 colors of vial caps

  • Storage boxes are plastic so they will withstand water moisture from freezers

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