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RPR Carbon Antigen

The Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Test is a non-Treponemal Flocculation Test. It detects and quantifies reagin, an antibody present in people with syphilis or other treponemal diseases. Occasionally, individuals with other conditions may also be reactive in the tests. 


Treponema pallidum, the etiologic agent responsible for syphilis, produces at least two kinds of antibodies in human infections. These two kinds are treponemal antibodies and the reagin antibody. The reagin antibody is detected by non-treponemal tests such as the RPR Antigen Card Test that we offer.  


If the reagin antibody is in the sample, the RPR Antigen preparation will produce flocculation of black clumps against the white background of the test card. Non-reactive samples will yield an even, light-grey homogenous suspension. 

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