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Criterion Dehydrated Culture Media 

Criterion allows for the quick and convenient preparation of high-quality culture media for any situation — just add water.


Dehydrate Media Advantages 

  • Ready when you need it, long shelf life and no need for refrigeration 

  • Make only as much as you need, less waste 

  • Buy in bulk and use whenever you need 

  • Available in over 250 standard formulas or request custom blending to your specifications

Available in 5 convenient sizes

  • 2-liter Mylar bag that is pre portioned for a 2L culture, no measuring required

  • 500g Jar with wide mouth design for easy use of included scoop 

  • 2kg bucket with locking screw lid

  • 10kg bucket with locking screw lid 

  • 50 kg Barrel


Broth Media

KSL Pulse Scientific offers a comprehensive selection of Hardy Diagnostics broth media for your laboratory needs. 

Check out the options below. If there is a particular media that you are looking for that isn’t listed below, please feel free to contact us.

EE Broth Mossel

For use in the selective enrichment, isolation, and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae, particularly from foods.

Cat. No. U391: 12 x 100mL Wide Mouth Polycarbonate Bottle 

Cat. No. U291: 12 x 90mL Wide Mouth Polycarboate Jar

Cat. No. K191: 20 x 9mL Glass Vial


Fluid Thioglycollate (FTM) w/Indicator

For the cultivation of microorganisms and USP sterility procedures.

Thioglycollate Broth with Resazurin Oxygen Indicator.

Cat. No. U84: 20 x 100mL Fill, Glass Bottle with Needle Port Septum

Cat. No. U41: 12 x 100mL Fill, Wide Mouth Glass Jar

Cat. No. U68: 50 x 20mL Fill, Glass Serum Vial with Needle Port Septum

Cat. No. K121: 20 x 10mL, Glass Tube

Cat. No. K282: 10mL, Glass Tube with Hungate Cap


MacConkey Broth w/Durham Tube

For the detection of gram-negative, lactose fermenting bacilli. Contains a durham tube for gas detection.

Cat. No. K194: 20 x 5mL Fill, Glass Tube


Rappaport Vassiliadis (RV) Broth, USP

Recommended for the selective enrichment of Salmonella spp. from food samples and conforms to the Harmonized USP/EP/JP requirements.

Cat. No. K246: 20 x 10mL Fill, Glass Tube


Reinforced Clostridial Medium, USP

Recommended for the cultivation and enumeration of clostridia, and other anaerobic and facultative bacteria from foods.

Cat. No. U172: 20 x 100mL, Boston Round, Glass Bottle


Sabouraud Dextrose Broth (SabDex), USP

Recommended for the isolation, cultivation, and maintenance of non-pathogenic and pathogenic species of fungi (yeast and mold).

Cat. No. U73: 16 x 100mL, Polycarbonate Bottle with Needle-Port Septum


Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) Vials

Recommended for use as a general purpose medium for the isolation and cultivation of a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. Available in a variety of containers and fill levels ranging from 1mL to 1000mL. Examples Include:

Cat. No. R30: 20 x 5mL Fill, Glass Tube

Cat. No. K82: 20 x 10mL Fill, Glass Tube 

Cat. No. U42: 20 x 100mL, Glass Bottle

Cat. No. U65: 1 x 500mL Fill, Polycarbonate Bottle


Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB)
Double Strength

Recommended for use as a general purpose medium for the isolation and cultivation of a wide variety of bacteria and fungi.

Cat. No. U70: 12 x 100mL, Polycarbonate Bottle
Cat. No. U205: 12 x 50ml, Polycarbonate Wide Mouth Jar
Cat. No. U225: 12 x 25ml, Boston Round Glass Bottle


Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) with
Lecithin and Tween 80

Recommended for the cultivation of a wide variety of fastidious and nonfastidious microorganisms from nonclinical specimens, when the neutralization of disinfectants is desired.

Cat. No. U229: 10 x 500mL Fill, Polypropylene Bottle
Cat. No. K134: 20 x 9mL Fill, Glass Tube


Tryptone Azolectin Tween (TAT) Broth

Recommended for use in cultivating microorganisms from highly viscous or gelatinous materials, such as salves and ointments.

Cat. No. U87: 20 x 90mL Fill, Glass Bottle
Cat. No. U319: 10 x 1000mL Fill, Polypropylene Bottle

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