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AnaeroGRO Pre-reduced Anaerobic Culture

Cultivate and identify anaerobic microbes with anaeroGRO, a collection of pre-reduced culture media packaged in oxygen-free, gas flushed foil pouches.


Superior Performance    

  • anaeroGRO was found to produce larger and more luxuriant colonies compared to other brands that makes identifying and isolating mixed colonies easier


Quality Guaranteed

  • Quality Control tested for reliable and reproducible results.

  • Manufactured in a facility with a Quality Management System that is ISO 13485 certified.

  • Packaged in oxygen-free, gas flushed foil pouches containing an oxygen scavenger sachet and a moisture absorbing desiccant packet.


Contact us for specific combo packs or biplates.


Available Plates 

Anaerobic PEA (Phenylethanol) Agar (monoplate)

  • Enriched and selective medium for the cultivation and selective isolation of gram-positive and negative obligate anaerobic bacteria


Anaerobic PEA.png

BBE (Bacteroides Bile Esculin) Agar (monoplate)

  • Enriched, selective, and differential medium for the isolation and presumptive identification of obligately anaerobic gram-negative bacilli of the Bacteroides fragilis group and Bilophila spp.


BBE Agar.png

LKV (Laked Blood, Kanamycin, Vancomycin) Agar (monoplate)

  • Selective isolation and partial identification of obligately anaerobic gram-negative bacilli, such as Prevotella spp. and Bacteroides spp.


LKV Agar.png

BBE Agar/LKV Agar (Biplate)

  • One half of the plate composed of BBE agar, and the other half is LVK agar, used to isolate and identify obligate anaerobic gram-negative bacilli


BBE-LKV Agar.jpg

Brucella Agar with Hemin & Vitamin K (monoplate)

  • Primarily used for the growth and assessment of obligately anaerobic microorganisms from clinical specimens. Also suitable for the growth of aerobic and microaerophilic bacteria in proper conditions


Brucella Agar.png

Campy Selective Agar (monoplate)

  • For the selective isolation of Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni from stool specimens. Growth of normal fecal flora is inhibited on this medium


Campy Agar.png

CCFA (Cycloserine Cefoxitin Fructose Agar) (monoplate)

  • Enriched, selective, and differential medium recommended for the cultivation and isolation of Clostridioides difficile from fecal specimens



Egg Yolk Agar (monoplate)

  • Enriched, non-selective, and differential medium that can be used for the detection of lecithinase and lipase production, proteolytic activity of certain obligate anaerobes, and in the presumptive identification of various Clostridium, Fusobacterium, and Prevotella spp.


Egg Yolk Agar.png
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