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Autoclave Supplies

Autoclave Tape


  • Sterilization Indicator Tape available for Heat or Steam Sterilization

  • The adhesive tape is used to seal autoclave bags and pouches and changes color when the contents have passed through a sterilization cycle

  • Each roll is 165 feet (50m) long


Autoclave Deoderizers


  • Autoclave deodorizers can help keep autoclaves smelling fresh and clean

  • The deodorizers are placed in the autoclave during its run cycle, releasing a refreshing scent to mask undesirable odors coming from the autoclave

Autoclave Bags


  • Clear bags imprinted with blue biohazard labeling designed for safe disposal

    • Constructed of 2.0 mm thick polypropylene, allowing for repeated autoclaving

    • Strong side seams for securely holding items

    • Front write-on panel

    • Autoclavable at 250°F (121°C)

    • 4 inner packs of 50 bags, Sold as a case of 200

    • Disposable

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