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Dilu-Lok™ Prefilled Dilution Vials 

Make dilutions quick, efficient, and hassle free with Dilu-Lok, our prefilled dilution vials designed especially for the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and water industries.


User-Friendly Vial    

  • 145 mL capacity and wide 45mm opening accommodates large samples

  • Flip-top lid allows for easy one-handed opening

  • Clarified polypropylene allow for clear viewing of contents


Expect Quality  

  • Each lot is meticulously tested for pH, sterility, fill volume, and toxicity

  • Designed and packaged to eliminate leaking

  • Each vial is wrapped in a tamper-evident shrink-seal


Diluent and Volume Options

Dilu-LokBuffered Peptone Water with 1% Tween® 20

  • Recommended as a general rinse or diluent solution for the analysis of samples that may contain spore-forming bacteria or fungi

  • 90mL fill



Dilu-LokBuffered Peptone Water

  • Intended to aid in the recovery of injured Salmonella species from foods and other samples prior to selective enrichment and isolation

  • Choose 90mL or 99mL fill

90ml fill – D080

99ml fill – D089


Dilu-LokButterfield’s Buffer

  • Used as a diluent for the preparation of dilutions in plate count and other laboratory processes.

  • Choose 25mL, 90mL, or 99mL fill 

25ml fill – D125

90ml fill – D590

99ml fill – D599


Dilu-LokPhosphate Buffer with Magnesium Chloride

  • Used to prepare dilutions of samples for examination of water, dairy products, foods and other materials

  • Choose 90mL or 99mL fill

90ml fill – D690

99ml fill – D699


Dilu-LokDeionized Water

  • For the preparation of dilutions for plate count and other laboratory processes

  • Choose 90mL or 99mL fill 

90ml fill – D090

99ml fill – D099


Dilu-Lok Peptone Water 0.1%

  • Recommended as a diluent for microbial enumeration purposes as described by the Food and Drug Administration and The U.S. Pharmacopeia National Formulary (USP-NF) for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic testing and by the American Public Health Association and Environmental Protection Agency for food, dairy and water industries

  • Choose 90mL or 99mL fill

90ml fill – D290

99ml fill – D299

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