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ATCC  Reference Strains


Quality Control Strains (Reference Stock Cultures)


Microbiologics® is the world's leader and largest producer of lyophilized bacterial/fungal strains. Most of their strains derived from American Type Culture Collection (ATCC®) and Microbiologics has a formal signed agreement with ATCC. Other strains from various Collection Centers (e.g. NCIMB) are also available. The product is available in the LYFO DISK™ (more economical) and the KWIK-STIK™ style. There are over 900 strains with a long shelf life (2 years from the date of manufacture). Certificate of analysis is available for each lot of product and can be downloaded from the Microbiologics website The availability of Lab-Elite™ and Epower™ CRM (Certified Reference Material) provide Reference Cultures (zero passage) for the requirement of validation and other purposes.

Quantitative Culture

The EZ-CFU™, EZ-CFU™ One Step, EZ-Accu Shot™, EZ-PEC™, EZ-FPC™, and Epower™ Line are products designed to meet the needs of the customers. The UPS requirements for microorganisms include:


  • Disinfectant Qualifications: USP 1116

  • Growth Promotion Testing: USP 61, 62, 71

  • Validation of Neutralization Methods: USP 1227

  • Suitability Testing: USP 61, 62, 71

  • Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing: USP 51

  • Water for Pharmaceutical Purposes: USP 1231

  • Aseptic Process Environments: USP 1116


The following Microbiologics products are recommended:

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