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KSL Pulse Scientific is proud to offer the ability to order products online from our store at

You may now purchase a wide variety of tests and testing supplies online, with more products to be added in the future. You may also order currently offered products from our main website.

Canadian customers may now shop online for:

  • Serology Tests - Including ASO, RF, IM, CRP, RPR, S. aureus, and Strep Tests

  • Rapid Tests - Including Adeno-Rota Virus Combo , H. pylori Antigen, and Pregnancy Tests

  • Microbiology Disc Tests and Supplies

  • Immunodiffusion Antigens, Controls, and Plates

  • Febrile Antigen / Widal Antigen Suspensions and Controls

In order to shop online, you will first need to create an account

  • Once your account is created and approved, you will receive an email prompting you to set up your username and password to begin shopping online.

  • Missing email notifications? Check your spam folder.

  • Contact us at this email for support.

We hope you enjoy the convenience of shopping with KSL Pulse Scientific online.



KSL Biomedical will be a featured exhibitor at Medlab Middle East on February 6-9, 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center. In addition to its strategic location in the growing medical market of the region, this annual, international conference showcases technological innovations across all disciplines in the medical laboratory industry.

"We are so excited about the potential for growth in this expanding sector," says KSL CEO Kevin Lawson. "We are poised to bring the same quality and expertise that we already provide to our many partners in our growing service regions worldwide." With a broad base of internationally-managed laboratories and companies, KSL Biomedical provides vertically integrated development and operational resources to not only manufacture biotechnology products, but also obtain regulatory clearance and the commercialization and marketing of biotech properties in product and service models, with a focus on LDT, IVD, and CDx. This comprehensive structure allows KSL to meet its customers exactly where their needs are, and to pivot with changing market conditions and new developments in both regulation and translational medicine.

Visit KSL at Booth Z3 B56 in the US Pavilion this upcoming February 6-9th at the Dubai World Trade Centre to learn more about our full suite of laboratory, regulatory, quality, clinical consulting, and contract research organization services, including:

  • Laboratory test kits (RPR, TPHA, ASO, CRP, RF, Mono, Staph, and Strep) — including novel immunoassays

  • POCT rapid tests

  • Molecular COVID/Flu tests

  • Bactobank

  • Biological/chemical indicators

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Full CRO services

  • Regulatory agent US/International

KSL's laboratory facilities hold FDA and Health Canada establishment licenses, ISO 13485 and 15189 certification, CAP accreditation, CLIA, and comprehensive USA lab licenses.

  • KSL Biomedical is an R&D, manufacturing, and distribution unit based in the USA.

  • KSL Diagnostics clinical laboratories provide testing services for infectious diseases, hematology/oncology, molecular pathology, immunogenetics, dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, and newborn screening and are based in the USA.

  • KSL Pulse Scientific specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of infectious disease diagnostics, microbiology products and controls, biological indicators, serologic and rapid tests based in Canada.

  • KSL CRO offers regulatory and quality consulting services for US and international regulatory approvals, establishment of compliant QMS for companies in the medical device, IVD, clinical laboratory and pharma space with clinical laboratories capable of executing a broad range of clinical studies.

  • KSL China is a regulatory, quality, and manufacturing support unit and a clinical laboratory unit based in China.

U.S. based developer of diagnostic & therapeutics establishes KSL Biomedical Canada, Inc., seeks to actively build leadership team to expand from the Greater Toronto Area throughout Canada

KSL Biomedical, Inc., developers of novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications for immunology, oncology, virology, and genomics, announces expansion into Canada with the acquisition of Pulse Scientific, Inc. a diagnostic products manufacturer and distributor of medical, laboratory and research products located in Toronto.

With the incorporation of KSL Biomedical Canada, Inc., and the acquisition of Pulse Scientific, KSL extends its international base for product distribution and laboratory sales, positioning the company to merge additional technology, business lines, and acquisition targets in Burlington, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and beyond.

Pulse Scientific specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of technical microbiology products and controls for clinical, industrial, and pharma customers, as well as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for laboratories and physicians. The company is ISO 13485 certified and licensed by Health Canada, positioning it to distribute medical devices and in vitro diagnostics in Canada, Europe, and many other markets throughout the world.

“Our leadership team brings to Canada decades of scientific training and experience in diagnostics and deep relationships with market leaders who can assist in identifying emerging industry opportunities and introducing novel applications to address them. We expect the acquisition to invigorate access to markets for existing Pulse Scientific and KSL Biomedical products, as well as complementary products to be identified by our incoming Canadian business development team,” said Kevin Lawson, President and CEO of KSL Biomedical.

Presenting a number of synergistic opportunities, the acquisition allows KSL to add proprietary products and services to its pipeline, including exclusive diagnostics, laboratory products, medical devices, and assays, utilizing proprietary biomarkers and instrumentation.

"It is an exciting opportunity for Pulse Scientific to be part of a vibrant and forward-thinking organization like KSL. The clear business vision and strategy planning, coupled with strong business ethics among the principals will bring continual success to their corporation. I personally will be able to contribute in sales and marketing efforts with rewarding experiences,” said Allen Chan, President of Pulse Scientific.

As a regulatory agent and contract research organization (CRO), KSL is well positioned to secure Health Canada clearance for manufacturers outside of Canada seeking access to the Canadian market and Canadian companies seeking regulatory clearances in large markets outside of Canada.

With the establishment of KSL Biomedical Canada, the company is now looking to build a strong, dynamic leadership team to run the new division. “We are always looking to grow KSL whether through innovation spearheaded by our various diagnostic teams or from outside the company; we are open to collaborative business opportunities,” added Lawson. “We're also recruiting professionals who can accelerate our growth, including leaders for our Canada unit. Specifically, we expect to hire a number of positions in business development, sales, and R&D.”

Pulse Scientific is located on the shores of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Niagara Falls in Burlington, Ontario. For those interested in working with an innovative, growing biomedical organization, send a resume to For more information, visit

About KSL Biomedical

KSL Biomedical Inc. is a translational medicine technology company that develops innovative diagnostic and therapeutic IP impacting immunology, oncology, virology, and genomics. Investing in basic research and licensing for novel technologies to improve patient outcomes, KSL specializes in early diagnosis and companion diagnostics to facilitate effective therapy.

KSL offers proprietary diagnostic services through partnerships with leading investigators and institutions, and operates several national reference laboratories in North America — including KSL Diagnostics, which is both CAP and CLIA certified and the only laboratory in New York state to achieve ISO 15189 standards of excellence, Beutner Laboratories and Robert Guthrie Laboratory.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, the KSL team also offers technology and regulatory consulting services to establish and protect bioscience IP through international regulatory clearance and licensing, while also supporting numerous concurrent clinical studies.

For more information, visit


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