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Fungal Immunodiffusion Test

The Immunodiffusion (ID) reagents are designed to detect patient antibodies directed against Aspergillus, Blastomyces, Candida, Coccidioides, Histoplasma, or Paracoccidioides in patient serum to aid in the diagnosis of each respective disease.


Aspergillus spp., Blastomyces dermatitidis, Candida spp., Coccidioides immitis, Coccidioides posadasii, Histoplasma capsulatum, and Paracoccidioides brasiliensis are causative agents of deep-seated mycoses. These fungi present a diagnostic challenge to the microbiology laboratory and physician. Radiographically, lesions produced by the systemic fungi (all of the above except Candida) may be difficult to distinguish from other infectious diseases (e.g. M. tuberculosis) or neoplastic diseases (23). Symptoms are often unremarkable and may mimic various pneumonias, sarcoidosis, cancer and other maladies. Culturally and histologically the organisms may be difficult to demonstrate, even after repeated attempts. With the exception of Aspergillus and Candida, growth is very slow, requiring 2-6 weeks (26). Frequently, serology offers the only evidence available to guide treatment, suggest prognosis or lead to the selection of more definitive diagnostic techniques such as intensive culture or biopsy (23). In addition, semi-quantitative serology, such as complement fixation (CF) testing or semi-quantitative ID, can provide important information on the effects of therapy (23,24). The ID test is a qualitative or semi-quantitative test employed for the detection of precipitating antibodies from patients suspected of having mycoses. Additionally, the ID test is a rapid and reliable tool that provides presumptive evidence of infection. Anti-complementary sera in the CF test may be tested using this technique. The ID test also provides specificity data on reactions obtained by the CF test. No expensive equipment is required and the technique is simple enough to be performed by any laboratory, thereby providing an excellent screening tool.

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